BBQ Lab @ Photon 2020

We are presenting five talks at Photon 2020, a biannual conference on photonics that is being held online this year. The registration is free for students, and we would be very happy if you tuned in! The talk schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 11:30 AM
Saroch Leedumrongwatthanakun
Reconfigurable high-dimensional quantum gates using a multi-mode fiber

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Vatshal Srivastav
Experimental Demonstration of High-Dimensional Steering

Tuesday, 3:00 PM
Will McCutcheon
Compressive Sensing of Dispersive Scrambling Channels

Wednesday, 3:45 PM
Mehul Malik
Unscrambling Entanglement through a Complex Medium

Thursday, 10:00 AM
Natalia Herrera Valencia
High-Dimensional Pixel Entanglement: Efficient Generation and Certification

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