arXiv: Entangled ripples and twists!

Artist’s depiction of entangled Laguerre-Gaussian modes in 43 dimensions

In a recent preprint on arXiv, we demonstrate the full-field entanglement of radial (ripples) and azimuthal (twists) Laguerre-Gaussian modes of light. While the azimuthal degree-of-freedom has attracted a lot of interest over the past two decades, the radial degree-of-freedom presents some unique challenges to experimentalists.

By carefully tuning our optical system parameters and adopting some recently developed techniques for precise spatial mode measurement, we generated and measured entanglement in a 43-dimensional radial and azimuthal LG mode space. We also studied two-photon quantum correlations between 9 LG mode groups, which are of significant interest in the field of fibre optics.

Check out the preprint here:

BBQ Lab @ Q-Turn 2020

This week we are attending Q-Turn 2020, an international quantum information workshop series being held virtually this year. I have also had the honour of serving as programme committee chair for this very exciting event!

In addition to showcasing cutting-edge scientific research on all things quantum, Q-Turn 2020 has an awareness programme focussing on a wide range of issues such as mental health and harassment in academia.

Our group will be represented by Vatshal and Natalia, who are presenting a talk and a poster respectively on some of our recent work. We hope to see you there!

Here is a nice video summary of Natalia’s poster:

ERC Starting Grant: PIQUaNT

We are happy to share that Mehul has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant by the European Research Council! The PIQUaNT project (Photonics for High-Dimensional Quantum Networking) will focus on technologies for the manipulation and control of structured light in space and time, with an emphasis on entanglement-based applications. We will soon be advertising PhD and postdoc positions for this project, so please keep an eye out. For more, please read the Heriot-Watt press release.

BBQ Lab @ Photon 2020

We are presenting five talks at Photon 2020, a biannual conference on photonics that is being held online this year. The registration is free for students, and we would be very happy if you tuned in! The talk schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 11:30 AM
Saroch Leedumrongwatthanakun
Reconfigurable high-dimensional quantum gates using a multi-mode fiber

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Vatshal Srivastav
Experimental Demonstration of High-Dimensional Steering

Tuesday, 3:00 PM
Will McCutcheon
Compressive Sensing of Dispersive Scrambling Channels

Wednesday, 3:45 PM
Mehul Malik
Unscrambling Entanglement through a Complex Medium

Thursday, 10:00 AM
Natalia Herrera Valencia
High-Dimensional Pixel Entanglement: Efficient Generation and Certification