Vatshal wins (yet another) Prize!

… And the 2nd year Postgraduate Research Prize goes to… our own Vatshal Srivastav!

We are very happy to announce that the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences here at Heriot-Watt has recognised Vatshal’s hard work and outstanding achievements by awarding him this year’s 2nd year Postgraduate Research Prize.

This prize is awarded to PhD students who have completed approximately 2 years of study and have made excellent progress in their research. The judging criteria included: quality, originality, awareness of wider literature, and output in terms of publications and presentations.

You can check out some of this great output in Vatshal’s recent publication in PRL: Genuine High-Dimensional Quantum Steering”, and in his upcoming Physical Review Applied: Characterising and Tailoring Spatial Correlations in Multi-Mode Parametric Downconversion“.

Another one for the wall!

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