arXiv: Noise-robust and loss-tolerant quantum steering with qudits

Our new quantum steering protocol for single-detectors brings us a step closer towards secure one-sided device-independent quantum communication over realistic channels.

In our latest work on arXiv, we experimentally demonstrate detection-loophole-free quantum steering with qudits under extreme conditions of loss and noise. This work was done in collaboration with the Quantum Information Theory Group at the University of Geneva.

We showcase the improvements over qubit-based systems by experimentally demonstrating detection loophole-free quantum steering in 53 dimensions through simultaneous loss and noise conditions corresponding to 14.2 dB loss equivalent to 79 km of telecommunication fibre and 36% of white noise. We further show how the use of high dimensions counter-intuitively leads to a dramatic reduction in total measurement time. Our work demonstrates that qudit-entanglement can transcend the limits imposed by a realistic and noisy environment, proving itself a critical ingredient for making device-independent quantum communication over long distances a reality.

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