Mehul @ QuICC 2019

Leeds University Great Hall
Photo: Paul Harrop (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Mehul will be giving a series of lectures on entanglement certification in the lab at the annual Quantum Information, Computing, and Control (QuICC) summer school, organised by the Controlled Quantum Dynamics CDT at Imperial College, London.

The QuICC summer school will go from August 19th to 23rd at the University of Leeds, and will feature lectures by Sir Peter Knight and Dr Almut Beige, among others. The school is aimed at final year undergraduates and first-year PhD students, and has an application deadline of June 8th.

Congratulations Sean!

Congratulations to Sean Condy, who successfully completed his 4th year BSc project with us on pixel entanglement. Sean will go on to start an exciting new job this summer carrying out research as part of the UK government, and we wish him all the best!

Sean giving his final year BSc presentation to the Physics department

BBQ goes to Roma

We will be presenting at our research at the Fifth Quantum Information and Measurement Conference (QIM V) in Rome, from April 4th to 6th, 2019.

Come and hear about our work at the talks and poster below, or come find us at one of the (Italian) coffee breaks to chat!


Thursday, April 4th, 2:30-2:45 PM: Room 2, Quantum Optics – T3B.2
Quantifying High-Dimensional Entanglement with only Two Measurement Settings, M. Malik; J. Bavaresco; N. Herrera; C. Klockl; P. Erker; M. Pivoluska; N. Friis; M. Huber

Thursday, April 4th, 2:45-3:00 PM: Room 1, Quantum Information I – T3A.3
Quantum Information Experiments with Multiple Photons in One and High-Dimensions: Concepts and Experiments, M. Erhard; M. Krenn; A. Zeilinger; X. Gu; M. Malik


Thursday, April 4th, 5:15 PM: Poster Room, Poster Session I – T5A.88
Near-Perfect Measurement of Photonic Spatial Modes, N.A. Herrera Valencia; F. Bouchard; F. Brandt; R. Fickler; M. Huber; M. Malik

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Entanglement Certification in Nature Reviews Physics

Image credit: Christian Murzek 2018

After a long and arduous trans-channel effort between Edinburgh and Vienna, our review on entanglement certification is out in the journal Nature Reviews Physics!

This review attempts to bridge the language gap between the theory and experiment, and exemplifies the academic space where our group most likes to work—a harmonious blend of quantum information theory, quantum photonics, and lots of good coffee of course!

Check out Nature’s On Your Wavelength blog for a really nice piece by Marcus on how this review came together.

Perfect Spatial Mode Measurements in Optics Express

Measuring spatial modes (almost) perfectly with a single phase screen

The polarisation of a photon is a quantum photonics workhorse for many reasons—optical devices such as waveplates and polarising beam splitters make it possible to manipulate and measure polarisation states with ease, allowing their integration into quantum information technologies.

While photonic spatial modes promise high-dimensional quantum information systems with massive information capacities and an increased robustness to noise, tools for manipulating and measuring them are far from perfect.

In our paper published today in Optics Express, we demonstrate a new technique that allows us to measure the azimuthal and radial modes of a photon using a single phase screen with greater than 99% accuracy! We expect our method will enable quantum and classical communication systems that exploit the full information-carrying potential of light.